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World of Warcraft has been gotten somewhat complex over the years and it becomes obvious when you compare Vanilla vs Retail.


Sure, Retail offers easy mode... but we believe that there are lots of WoW players who would love to raid the REAL end content!

But keeping up with the rotation (some of us only have 2-6 hours to play a week) while moving around and making sure not to take damage, while as well looking for debuffs and/or buffs to max out your dps/hps, on top off remembering the phases of the fights so you don't look like a complete noob, etc. Can it be done? Of course, but is it easy? Well not if I can only invest so much time!


Lots of us are not 12 anymore. We have a family to take care off which we (probably?) love and a job which we (maybe?) want to keep, plus other responsibilities which we have to (but not really want to?) take care off.

But that doesn't mean we don't want to raid the high-end content of our favorite game anymore! No, it simply means we don't have the time nor the energy it requires to be good enough for it anymore.


You can't run a marathon under 3 hours if you only train 3 hours a week (or maybe you can, who are we to judge your greatness?).


Long story short, we are here to help!